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Revealed: The most dangerous places to live in England and Wales - so how bad is YOUR area for violent crime, sex offences, theft and robbery?

    West Yorkshire came top of the list with 101.7 victim based crimes per 1,000
    Despite a rise in knife crime and acid attacks London came 10th on the blacklist
    Dyfed-Powys in Wales was found to be the safest place in the UK to live

By Terri-ann Williams For Mailonline

Published: 13:56, 29 December 2018 | Updated: 19:57, 29 December 2018

Britain's most dangerous places to live have been revealed on a map showing how peaceful suburbs are hit by soaring rates of violent crime.  West Yorkshire is revealed as the most dangerous county in England and Wales, with more than 100 victim-based crimes per 1,000 people.  London is only 10th out of 42 counties despite the wave of murders and stabbings in the capital this year, data from the Home Office shows.  Kent is a victim of the spread of violent crime away from city centres with an increase in homegrown gangs and 'county lines' networks, as knife crime in Kent soared by 40 per cent last year.  Where are the most dangerous places to live? 

According to how many victims of crime per 1,000 people in each area

1. West Yorkshire 101.7

2. Greater Manchester 98.6

3. Cleveland 95.1

4. South Yorkshire 88.4

5. Northumbria 88.4

6. Kent 87.6

7. Humberside 87.0

8. Durham 84.9

9. Lancashire 84.1

10. London (Met) 81.4

11. Nottinghamshire 76.3

12. Merseyside 75.5

13. West Midlands 

14. Gwent 73.3

15. Leicestershire 69.4

16. Hampshire 69.2

17. Northamptonshire 68.7

18. Cambridgeshire 68.6

19. Avon and Somerset 68.0

20. North Wales 67.6

21. Staffordshire 67.2

 22. South Wales 66.0

23. Bedfordshire 66.7

24. Essex 66.0

25. Warwickshire 65.6

26. Cheshire 65.3

27. Hertfordshire 61.0

28. Suffolk 59.5

29. West Mercia 59.0

30. Dorset 58.6

31. Thames Valley 58.6

32. Sussex 56.5

33. Wiltshire 54.4

34. Cumbria 53.8

35. Norfolk 52.9

36. Devon and Cornwall 52.0

37. Surrey 52.2

38. Lincolnshire 50.1

39. Gloucestershire 49.6

40. Derbyshire 48.4

41. North Yorkshire 44.4

42. Dyfed-Powys 43.1

Source: Home Office

West Yorkshire comes top of the list with 101.7 victim-based crimes per 1,000 people living there in the year up to June 2018.  London is 10th on the list despite a high-profile series of stabbings across the capital during 2018.  With the lowest number of Metropolitan Police officers since 2001, there has been a worsening of the violence on the capital's streets.  Senior figures have blamed the drugs trade as one factor fuelling the violence, with Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Justice Secretary David Gauke hitting out at middle-class cocaine users.  However the spread of London gangs into the outer suburbs has meant that criminal networks continue to move into untapped territories, pushing up violence across the rest of the country.  According to the Home Office, the findings are proportional to the amount of people living in each police force's area.  This is while the data found that Kent is the most dangerous area for violent crime as youth crime in the area nearly doubled last year with knife crime soaring by more than 40 per cent.  Children as young as 10 having being found to have been involved in gang activity.  Elsewhere areas in the north of England such as Greater Manchester, Cleveland, South Yorkshire and Northumbria made up the rest of the top five regions.  Dyfed-Powys police force in Wales covers the safest area on the map, with just 43.1 offences per 1,000 people in a largely rural part of the country.  Other areas such as Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and North Yorkshire were also among the least crime hit.  It was also revealed that people living in London are more than twice more likely to be robbed than almost anywhere else in the country.  Over the last year the capital has been hit by a surge in violent moped thefts with 19,000 attacks.  Robbery offences in mid Wales were more than 35 times lower than the English capital.  One blackspot for both theft and criminal arson offences in Cleveland in the north east of England. This is while the region continues to slash local police in the area with forces such as Hartlerpool have to content with 10 officers to cover around 90,000 people.