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Celebrity Big Brother EXCLUSIVE: Rodrigo Alves WAS thrown out of the house after a 'serious inappropriate incident' (and NOT for having a 'hysterical meltdown')

    Rodrigo Alves' removal from the CBB house is still shrouded in confusion despite claims he had 'a hysterical meltdown' in the Diary Room
    New information has claimed that the Human Ken Doll was involved in an alleged 'serious and inappropriate incident' which led to his removal
    He was called to the Diary Room on Friday night and never returned, leaving housemates and fans baffled and frustrated
    He used the N-word on his first night in the house the week before leading to a wash of complaints to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom

By Andrew Bullock For Mailonline

Published: 16:10, 27 August 2018 | Updated: 17:13, 27 August 2018

Rodrigo Alves was involved in an alleged 'serious inappropriate incident' on Friday night, a source alleged to MailOnline.  This was reportedly what led to his removal from the Celebrity Big Brother compound and NOT the meltdown as had previously been reported.  Rodrigo is thought to have been ejected from the house in an abrupt, non-televised manner, but previously MailOnline upon his exit that it was his own choice to leave.  But, in an updated version of events from a CBB insider, it seems Rodrigo, 35, may have been removed after an alleged 'serious inappropriate incident' took place.  The Sun also claimed: 'Rodrigo behaved seriously inappropriately inside the house. It came to the attention of producers who watched the footage back.  'After a discussion they decided the only course of action would be to remove him from the house. Producers wanted minimum disruption to the show after making their decision.  Rodrigo left the house in the early hours of Saturday morning following the live eviction on Friday.'

The Brazilian TV personality hit back at critics, calling them 'lying f**kers' as the rumours have continued to circulate over the weekend.  Channel 5 has simply stated that a 'further incident' took place leading to his removal, without adding further elaboration.  A show insider exclusively revealed to MailOnline on Sunday that the 'Human Ken Doll' suffered a 'meltdown' after entering the Diary Room, where he was last seen heading.  What went on in the room was supposedly too much to be explained or shown on the show, and Rodrigo had to leave immediately.  Although it would now seem the TV star may have been summoned to the Diary Room because of the aforementioned inappropriate behaviour.  The scenes are not set to air on TV, due to the nature of the latest incident.  The departure comes after viewers called for Rodrigo to be ejected the week prior, for using the N word twice whilst talking to Dan Osborne about his 'type of man'.  He was allowed to stay with a formal, final warning issued against him.  Rodrigo's use of the N-word saw regulatory body Ofcom receive more than 1000 complaints. The episode saw Rodrigo being spoken to by Big Brother the following day, as they gave him a formal and final warning.  Rodrigo admitted: 'I do understand. Last night I was very excited to be here, and I had quite a lot to drink, and I was intoxicated. I was drunk. In fact I was very drunk, and today I'm very hungover, I've been drinking a lot of water.  I obviously regret that, the fact that I used the N word. That was not necessary at all. It was just excitement, I'd had quite a lot to drink.'

Rodrigo previously told MailOnline he left the Big Brother house on Friday night as he 'could not take anymore' of the dirty, claustrophobic space.  He said: 'I demanded to leave. I was going to scale the wall if I wasn't allowed to leave.  'I didn't like it. My co-stars were boring, dirty and I had nothing in common with them. I was claustrophobic. I had to get up early and stay up late. I didn't understand why people were in there. Hardeep was snoring like a hog.'

He continued: 'I was worried about how I was being edited. I felt it didn't feel like a TV show.  I'm used to being a showman. I was worried about my well-being because I was tired and out of the loop.  'I kept going into the pink vanity room to feel more physiologically ready. When I found out Sally Morgan voted for me, I felt betrayed. Chloe never washed up'.

He confirmed he was scared of how he was coming across in public, particularly after the N-word scandal which he confessed he 'couldn't get past'.

Rodrigo's claims that he left come as he voiced his concerns for what the show was doing for his mental health insisting he was struggling deeply.  He took to Instagram to share the MailOnline article alongside the caption: 'It was a great experience while in the CBB house thank you all for the love and support.  'After Natalie left I started to think how I was getting seen by the public after making a language mistake while DRUNK. I am deeply sorry to have let the viewers down and my Fans now I just need to have some ice cream and rest'.

Another source told MailOnline on Sunday: 'Rodrigo went into the Diary Room because he had not been enjoying the experience and had already thought about leaving. The fact that his friend Natalie [Nunn] was evicted instead of Hardeep [Singh Kohli] stressed him out, because he was closest to her.  'He started screaming and shouting in the Diary Room and became rather paranoid and hysterical.  Despite this happening late at night, producers rushed to the studio to talk to him and arranged for the on-call psychologist to speak to him via the Diary Room. The psychologist advised him to think twice about wanting to leave but his mind was made up and he demanded to leave right away.  Rodrigo found it claustrophobic in the house, and even more so in the Diary Room and he had a bit of a meltdown in there. He had to be let out and because of the state he was in he couldn't be let back into the main house to say his goodbyes. Producers were worried he'd go back in and make a scene.  That's why the last time he was seen was heading into the Diary Room wearing his pyjamas, to talk about leaving. But it became too much all of a sudden and he had to just get out.'

Rodrigo has been open about his feelings towards the current season of the surveillance reality show, slamming it for 'casting bad housemates' who 'aren't celebrities' who made him not want to be there.  The source went on: 'Rodrigo didn't think the cast was good. He thinks it could have been a much better bunch of celebs and he was exhausted by them. He was concerned being on that show with people who had been in prison or committed crimes or were famous for being kidnap victims. This panicked him and he had to get out.  Also, the Big Brother format doesn't suit him. He is a showman and isn't used to just hanging around waiting for stuff to happen. He ended up doing things that he wouldn't normally do and he was paranoid about tarnishing his career.'