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Former glamour model reveals how the trauma of losing her baby and having her millionaire fiancé walk out on her almost led to her becoming ISIS's new White Widow

    Kimberley Miners feared she could have become the next White Widow jihadist
    Jihadists targeted Bradford mum during 'low' period and later brainwashed her
    Ms Miners, 29, shared propaganda after she was befriended by Naweed Hussain
    Hussain, an IS recruiter, urged her to join him in Syria before she was arrested

By Alexander Robertson For Mailonline

Published: 16:02, 25 June 2018 | Updated: 16:24, 25 June 2018

A former glamour model has revealed how breaking up with her millionaire fiance and then losing their baby almost turned her into a British jihadi bride.  Kimberley Miners said she was befriended and later brainwashed by ISIS terrorists who targeted her while she was 'in a bad place' following a miscarriage.  She claims jihadists monitored her social media before grooming her as the next White Widow after Sally Jones, the British mother who became an IS poster girl.  The 29-year-old says she began posting images about videos about the war in Syria following a holiday to Turkey, a pattern which was then exploited by an ISIS recruiter.  Speaking to This Morning, she said: 'When I was in Turkey I kept thinking I’m partying here while over there a war is going on.  When I got back home I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I started sharing videos, and people must have seen I had an interest and they got in contact with me.  I started to get friend requests from ISIS fighters. I felt part of something.'

She was soon befriended online by notorious ISIS recruiter Naweed Hussain, who urged her to join him in Syria where she could 'help the cause'.

Hussain lavished her with attention and made her feel special during a low period after she had lost a baby and split up with her millionaire fiance.   Miss Miners added: 'Because I had just came out of relationship and had recently lost a baby I was pretty low and because these people befriended me I felt accepted.  I spoke every day to them and it felt like a friendship. While it’s going on you don’t realise, it’s that involved, I thought they were my friends.  It wasn’t until I got arrested that I realised that I was basically bait and was getting used.'

She later discovered Hussain, who was originally from Coventry of Pakistani heritage, was grooming up to ten other women online.  'At first it was general chit chat, she said. 'Then he sent videos of what he said was really going on and it went from there.  It moved from friendship to “hi babe, how are you?” He asked me to go to Turkey and help. Now it’s quite scary to think what would have happened if I went.  He said “if you come you will go into a house, if you don’t marry me we will find you a husband”. I was brainwashed and obsessed.' 

His messages urging Miss Miners, who had a young child, to join him in Syria were uncovered by MI5 and she was arrested.  But in January she was told she would not be charged after admitting being ‘taken in’ by Hussain’s drive to groom a new generation of UK jihadi brides.  Miss Miners, from Bradford, who has appeared topless in a tabloid newspaper, had embraced Islam and began using the name Aisha Lauren al-Britaniya.  She also wore a full veil and posted online images of Muslim women brandishing rifles.   Hussain fled to Syria in 2015 and was later killed in a drone strike.  Sally Jones, a former punk rocker from Chatham, Kent, went to Syria in 2013 with her son Jojo, nine, to join IS after meeting a British jihadist online.  She is thought to have been killed in a US drone strike last year.